[Israel.pm] Some Issues - Net::Telnet

Semuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Sun Jan 29 11:24:33 PST 2006

On Sun, Jan 29, 2006 at 7:21 PM Yuval Kogman wrote:

>> I wasn't around for some time, for my domain is down, so I could not
>> read/write mail. Now I'm reading though my ISP's mail account. Oh
>> (if you know about someone that can host my site, that is pretty tiny
>> with about 10 hits a day, for 20~30$ per year, please mail me.

>There are some nonprofit hosts around, like http://www.epfarms.org
>There is no restriction on the content (it's not just for
>communities), and the cost is $2 a month.

Thanks, they look good. I think I'll join.

>> 1. The sites complain that I should telnet using VT100 emulation. Can
>> set Net::Telnet to satisfy this?

Not good. This module is actually for parsing VT100 commands. But it
won't convince the other side that I have VT100 on my side. 

>> 2. I get a CR character in the beginning of every line. Even though I
>> leave the binmode=0 default. (That suppose to deal with the \n
>> translation) what am I doing wrong?
>binmode => 0 on unix is a no-op. There should be an option in
>Net::Telnet to really scrub the lines.
>Worst case scenario, locally set $/ to $Socket::CRLF

Well, I'm actually running the script on windows, for now. Anyway, in
the Net::Telnet documentation it's written that binmode=0 will translate
LF+CR to \n. (there is no real connection to perl native command
binmode, it's just a parameter in the module) and I still have CR in the
beginning of every line.

Semuel Fomberg.

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