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Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Thu Dec 7 09:34:14 PST 2006

Hello There.

Don't be so hard on Tk. The documentation is pretty obcure, but the
package is easy to use, and it's easy to make things that work with
almost no work at all.
Don't compare it to VB or other visual gui-editors. Compare it to Java's
swing and other layout-driven systems.

Things that nice in Tk:
- handle all the parent-child connections behind the scenes.
- accept anonymous functions as callbacks. (and more)
- auto-set of variables. (you can tell it "put the result in this
scalar", and no need to get the results from the widget)
- uses minimum of words to describe the window.

Not nice:
- Documentation...
- not automatically pretty. It can do pretty things, but you need to
know design, while in native gui usually things look good by default.

In general, I think that programmer should not do GUI, and leave the
design work to the design people. 


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Can anyone recommend for or against any of the GUi packages available
for Perl? (See, for example,

My experience with Perl/Tk is that it's clumsy, unintuitive and too
verbose, not to mention visually ugly. Is there anything better?

I'm only interested in Unix/X-Windows, not MS-Win.


Jason Elbaum

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