[Israel.pm] Memory leak: finding who to blaim

Yona Shlomo yona at cs.technion.ac.il
Thu Aug 24 04:45:14 PDT 2006

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Yuval Yaari wrote:

> s/purify/valgrind/gi; # :-)

That might be a useful idea if I was looking for the C
implementation code that leaked. I'm interested in the Perl
code that did it, not the low level implementation of it...

> Devel::Peek, Devel::Size (please make sure you have tons of RAM to spare
> before using it), Test::Memory::Cycle (more for testing, but you can use
> it to make sure you don't have circular refs).
> Oh, and yeh, you should probably recompile Perl as Offer said (-DDEBUGGING).

I'll check out the whole thing again. Thanks.
What about a methodology on how to locate the leaking thing?

> P.S: Shlomo, who are you and what happened to the real Shlomo?
> You're the last person I'd expect to misspell "dissecting" and "pieces" ;-)

Speech2text sucks :-)

Shlomo Yona
yona at cs.technion.ac.il

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