[Israel.pm] Memory leak: finding who to blaim

Yona Shlomo yona at cs.technion.ac.il
Thu Aug 24 04:37:12 PDT 2006

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Levenglick Dov-RM07994 wrote:

> What type of daemon is this? What does it do? What modules does it call?

The daemon listens to sockets: UDP and TCP which are used
for interaction between the component that monitors that
daemon and for interaction of processes that the daemon
spawns with the daemon.

It uses standard Perl modules.

> There are modules that are known to leak memory (such as Tk).

What about DBI?

> Generally speaking, I say that you should blame Gabor and get it over
> with :)

Gabor, I blame you. 
OK. Didn't help... now what?! :-)

Shlomo Yona
yona at cs.technion.ac.il

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