[Israel.pm] YAPCOM development - pair programming -TDD - Hackathon

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 05:49:36 PDT 2006

Thanks for the help of Yuval Yaari and Ran Eilam so far.

Many things have been cleaned up and the code is in a much better
state now than a week ago but I am still looking for more people to
work on this project.

So go to http://yapcom.pti.co.il/ and join the mailing lists if you
would like to help.


On 8/7/06, Gabor Szabo <szabgab at gmail.com> wrote:
> YAPCOM is the application we are using to manage the Open Source
> confrence (the one
> that used to be YAPC the Perl conference.
> It served well in the last couple of years but there were also many
> missing features,
> many limitations.
> Before I can set it up for the next conference we need to clean up the code
> and add these features so we can handle the conference better.
> Among other things I would like to add
> - categorization + tracks
> - enable people to select a day to attend (making it easy to sell day passes)
> - feedback form so speakers can be rated
> - multiple conferences on the same database - so people who were registered
>   on the conference in 2006 will only need to set a checkbox in order
> to register
>   for 2007
> - Web admin interface
> - Accounting (listing who paid, when, invoices etc) so I won't need to handle it
>   separately.
> On Sunday Yuval Yaari and I went to a coffee shop and worked a bit on the code
> but we need a few more people to help.
> Yuval and I are going to meet again during the week and towards the
> end of the week
> and/or next week we would like to organize a Hackathon to push the
> thing forward.
> If you are interested in helping the project (or just learn the
> application framework we are using or learn TDD or do pair
> programming) please visit the web page of the project
> http://yapcom.pti.co.il/
> There is a link to the README file that also contains the TODO list
> (will be updated in the coming days)
> There are links to the mailing lists of the project adn the subversion
> repository
> Please join us on the mailing list and if you are interested to come
> to the hackathon
> let me know which days would be good for you.
> Gabor
> http://www.szabgab.com/

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