[Israel.pm] YAPCOM development - pair programming -TDD - Hackathon

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 14:24:11 PDT 2006

YAPCOM is the application we are using to manage the Open Source
confrence (the one
that used to be YAPC the Perl conference.

It served well in the last couple of years but there were also many
missing features,
many limitations.

Before I can set it up for the next conference we need to clean up the code
and add these features so we can handle the conference better.

Among other things I would like to add
- categorization + tracks
- enable people to select a day to attend (making it easy to sell day passes)
- feedback form so speakers can be rated
- multiple conferences on the same database - so people who were registered
  on the conference in 2006 will only need to set a checkbox in order
to register
  for 2007
- Web admin interface
- Accounting (listing who paid, when, invoices etc) so I won't need to handle it

On Sunday Yuval Yaari and I went to a coffee shop and worked a bit on the code
but we need a few more people to help.
Yuval and I are going to meet again during the week and towards the
end of the week
and/or next week we would like to organize a Hackathon to push the
thing forward.

If you are interested in helping the project (or just learn the
application framework we are using or learn TDD or do pair
programming) please visit the web page of the project


There is a link to the README file that also contains the TODO list
(will be updated in the coming days)
There are links to the mailing lists of the project adn the subversion

Please join us on the mailing list and if you are interested to come
to the hackathon
let me know which days would be good for you.


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