[Israel.pm] Conference milestones

Issac Goldstand issac at perl.org.il
Wed Sep 21 13:56:04 PDT 2005

Just because the payment for the conference is covers a 3 day workshop,
doesn't mean you have to miss 3 days of work.  It's still a good price
even for a one-day workshop, and you can pick the day or days or even
mix and match parts of days that are of most interest and just attend


oren maurer wrote:

>Will it be possible to participate in one day?
>Please take into consideration the following:
>I have a feeling that my manager at my new workplace won't be very
>happy to see me out of work for the whole three days.
>And it's not only for me. I know that several people from my new
>workplace are interested in coming to YAPC - as they were in previous
>Somehow I suspect that the bosses won't like the idea of having all of
>us out of work for the whole three days (especially when they have to
>pay for this).
>Could it be organized in a way to  attend one or two days? Or only one
>or two afternoon "tracks"?
> Oren  Maurer
> 	 http://www.meorero.org.il
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