[Israel.pm] Next conference

Gábor Szabó szabgab at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 10:24:45 PDT 2005

Yesterday on our regular meeting we have already discussed a bit
but I'd like to continou here on the list. What to do on the next conference.

As we could see from our past 3 years less and less people were attending 
our conference. I tried to ask people why did they skip this time but I have not
received any answer that I could fix. 
(e.g. I can't do anything with people who are not working in Perl any more)
So if anyone has a defnite "I would come to the conference if XYZ would happen"
somethings that is in the hands of the organizers, please speak up now.
Either on or off list. As you please.

What we discussed yesterday follows:

1) Gabor is egoist and wants to enlarge the conference including other
P languages and
maybe other OS tools (e.g. Databases, Apache, Subversion, *)

* What else ?

2) Gabor is megalomaniac and wants to have 3 days of 3 tracks.

3) Others actually suggested a couple of things but I am no sure who suggested 
what so let me thank Offer, Thomas, Migo, Shlomi, Uri, Oren and others 
who participated in the discussion.

We should create a list of fields and then somehow percuade people to give 
presentations in that field. We would create tracks of 0.5-1 day long in which 
people could gain enough knowladge to start working in that field. 
(assuming of course some knowladge of the specific tool, in our case Perl)
We also suggested to do another round of beginners presentations. After all the
"beginners track" was very successful.

I think they can even be the same talks we had last year, maybe
enlarged, improved or whatever the speaker feels to make them even
better. We can also add more such talks.

The tracks would include both tutorial style educational stuff and
user story type "I did such and such thing with Perl"

Then the track suggestions are:

- Using Perl for web application development
- GUI development with Perl and Tk   (or would GTK be better?)
- Using Perl for testing
- How to write and maintain large application in Perl?
- Embedding Perl (Sample application that uses Perl in itself)
- Windows System Administration using Perl

Other suggestions ?

Comments ?

Corrections ?


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