[Israel.pm] Net::Google and Hebrew

Roey Almog roeyalmog at 013.net
Mon Sep 5 14:35:08 PDT 2005


We have similar problem, we are using the low level SOAP::Lite interface and we get unrelated staff or nothing
depending on the query encoding (unrelated when using cp1255 encoding, nothing while using utf8 encoding)

Searching the google api news group I have found this started around the 15 of Aug 2005,

some solved the problem for C and Java but I could not solve it for Perl, and google did not answer my help request.


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Has anyone succeeded in using the Google API (e.g. Net::Google) for searchingHebrew strings ?
While trying  to search for the word פרל I get unrelated though mostlyHebrew results.
Anyone ?
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