[Israel.pm] problem with mldbm

Itamar Elem elem at compugen.co.il
Thu Sep 1 04:23:27 PDT 2005


i use mldbm above DB_FIle,Data::Dumper

i created mldbm DB  at SunOS 5.8
while i try to connect this db from Linux

ive got 
$db=tie  %master, 'MLDBM', qq{/dir/db/mydb.db},O_RDONLY, 0640, $DB_HASH ;
MLDBM error: Second level tie failed, "" at (eval 33)[/opt/compugen/perl/5.6.1/lib/5.6.1/perl5db.pl:1521] line 2

its look to me that is issue of size because smaller dbs doesnt have that proble

the db size is:>ls -l
754073600 Sep  1 13:23  mydb.pm

i tried to replace  the DB_File with BerkeleyDB but it doesnt help

but db_stat which is the berkeleyDB utils work from the linux and print:
61561   Hash magic number.
8       Hash version number.
8192    Underlying database page size.
0       Specified fill factor.
556523  Number of keys in the database.
556523  Number of data items in the database.
43561   Number of hash buckets.
77M     Number of bytes free on bucket pages (78% ff).
5842    Number of overflow pages.
26M     Number of bytes free in overflow pages (44% ff).
20658   Number of bucket overflow pages.
96M     Number of bytes free in bucket overflow pages (43% ff).
0       Number of duplicate pages.
0       Number of bytes free in duplicate pages (0% ff).
1       Number of pages on the free list.

could someone help me to solve this problem

thanks itamar

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