[Israel.pm] Job Openning: Senior Perl Developer

Itzik Lerner - Orpak itzik at orpak.co.il
Thu Oct 6 07:04:57 PDT 2005

A leading Company in the Fuel automation market.

Is looking for you:

Senior Perl Developer – OO Perl/mod_perl and MySql DB connectivity

You will be working on a mission critical roll out focused on developing new products and improving the performance of several products. You must be a perl expert and have guru level experience in designing and deploying web applications in Perl. For the right person this can be an extremely self-expressing position, and high-level employment conditions.

* 5+ years experience
* OO Perl a must
* mod_perl a must
* Leadership and ability to lead a team
* Perl DBI experience a must (preferably in-depth MySql experience)
* Ideally understands Perl internals, Perl XS or inline C
* Ability to profile code performance and tune accordingly

If you think you can do the job with proficiency although you didn’t answer yes to all the requirements, and you can convince us, you are welcomed as well.

Please send your CV to ofer at orpak.com

If you have any questions relating to the job before you apply to it, feel free to ask me by at email: itzik at orpak.com

Itzik Lerner

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