[Israel.pm] Direct access to variables from sub

david istermann interdist at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 05:54:42 PDT 2005

Thank you for the replies!!

I have a snip of code like the following:

1:   sub hash_sub {
2:      my %var = (aa => 1, bb => 2, cc => 3);
3:      return %var;
4:   }
6:   my $person2 = {hash_sub()}->{bb};
7:   print "$person2 \n";
8:   print +{hash_sub()}->{bb};
9:   print keys %{hash_sub()};

Line 6 is now working thanks to Mikhael, and line 8 works with the
help of Yosef.
However, I cannot get the last line to print - of course, hash_sub()
returns a HASH, not \HASH, on the other hand 'keys' wants a real hash
      keys hash_sub() ;
does not even compile.


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