[Israel.pm] Next Israel.PM Meetings (until the conference)

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Wed Nov 9 13:49:39 PST 2005

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Next Israel.pm Meeting

The Israel.pm meetings are currently on hold. Everyone should prepare for the 

I don't like it. We didn't miss meetings in the previous years because of the 
YAPC's, so why should we this year.

And besides: I need the meetings to prepare for the conference, as I want to 
practice and receive feedback on my presentations. As a result, I'll be 
organising the January and February meetings: the records on the site the 
publicity, who's bringing the food, money collection, post-meeting cafe 
meeting, etc.

Tentative plan for the next meeting:

1. Shlomi Fish will give a rehearsal of the presentations of:




After each presentation he'd like to receive some feedback so he can know how 
to fix the material or his presentation for the conference. This will take up 
to an hour and a half. (probably less)

2. Any other suggestions?

3. Going to a nearby pub, coffee shop or the mall.


Roman, can we still have the room? Will we have an Internet connection and a 
default computer with capbility to read a disk-on-key and/or a compact disk? 
Would we need a laptop computer?

Once all the details are settled, I'll write a patch to the site's sources.


	Shlomi Fish

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