[Israel.pm] Preparing for the pugs hackathon

Gaal Yahas gaal at forum2.org
Wed Nov 23 10:24:54 PST 2005


As you've probably heard, we're holding a hackathon just before the
conference. This is currently planned to take place on 21-25 February.

The hackathon is a chance to concentrate on developing pugs together
with Larry and Autrijus. It should be quite an experience! However, for
it to be successful, we need to know that people who are coming have
already gotten their feet wet in pugs development: the hackathon is not
a tutorial.

Getting involved in pugs does of course take some effort, but there's an
extremely helpful community to help you take off. And there are three
more months to learn. If you think you may be interested, now is the
time to start.

The registration deadline for the hackathon is 21 December, that is
about one month from today and two before the event itself. I would
like, however, to test the water now, so we know how to plan, what kind
of a venue to get, what sponsorship to seek, and so on.

My most important question for you is: do you want to join?

Other possible issues for discussion are the optimal length for this
(this is during the semester break, but I imagine working people may
have trouble taking a week long break for both the 'thon and the con),
where's the best place to hold it (we're thinking of zimmers up north),
what's a reasonable cost, and so on.

Please reply on-list for discussions, or contact me directly if you want
to make an anonymous suggestion ;-)

Gaal Yahas <gaal at forum2.org>

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