[Israel.pm] Remove Source Code Indexer and Search

David Baird davidlbaird at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 06:57:01 PST 2005

We are creating a new development environment which requires that
engineers store their source code on a network storage device, from
which our build cluster can compile and link the targets.

Our engineers are very satisfied with the build time results. We've
reduced three to five hour builds to under and hour, and in many cases
under 20 minutes.

The problem they have is in searching the source files. Each source
code structure can consist of more than 10,000 source files.

I've thought of three solutions:

1. Create tag files automatically from a server which they can work
with in their favorite editor.
2. Engineers also want to search in the commented text of source
files, so I am looking for an indexing and search tool, web based,
perhaps also a web service. However, all I can find are web crawlers
and I want to handle source code (C, C++, make files) not HTML files.
3. Create a Perl based service callable from a command line client so
search through the engineer's sources.

Has anyone done any of the above? Can anyone give me some pointers and
useful information?

Thank you,

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