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michael tewner tewner at jct.ac.il
Sat Nov 12 08:43:03 PST 2005

1. When is this?
2. I gave a presentation on parallel programming at
jerusalem.pm. Perhaps I can give it again at israel.pm?

I don't have slides, and I'm not an accomplished public speaker...


On Sat, 12 Nov 2005, [ISO-8859-1] G?bor Szab? wrote:

> OK,
> people it seems noone other than Shlomi sugested to give any talks so
> our options
> 1) A meeting where only Shlomi talks
> 2) Someone comes forward to give talk
> 3) Someone decides to give a beginner level talk and we try to invite new people
>  while the core people only come for the pub part
> 4) No technical meeting, only pub
> 5) No meeting at all
> Unfortunately while reading the presentations of Shlomi is usualy good but
> the frontal presentation itself usually does not make people enthusiastic
> about the subject. So option (1) will not work. Shlomi, would you create
> your slides? These are much better reading than listening to.
> So if no one comes forward with a presentation (2 or 3) by Sunday evening
> and if no one tells me s/he wants to goto the pub (4) by the Sunday evening
> then we cancel this meeting (5) and hope people will start suggesting talks.
> It's not worth the effort if Offer or I have to strugle to find speakers.
> Either people come forward and want to talk or we can switch to pub-only
> meetings or we can take a break.
> Gabor
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