[Israel.pm] Re: Talk on the meetings

Gábor Szabó szabgab at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 22:55:18 PST 2005

people it seems noone other than Shlomi sugested to give any talks so
our options
1) A meeting where only Shlomi talks
2) Someone comes forward to give talk
3) Someone decides to give a beginner level talk and we try to invite new people
   while the core people only come for the pub part
4) No technical meeting, only pub
5) No meeting at all

Unfortunately while reading the presentations of Shlomi is usualy good but
the frontal presentation itself usually does not make people enthusiastic
about the subject. So option (1) will not work. Shlomi, would you create
your slides? These are much better reading than listening to.

So if no one comes forward with a presentation (2 or 3) by Sunday evening
and if no one tells me s/he wants to go to the pub (4) by the Sunday evening
then we cancel this meeting (5) and hope people will start suggesting talks.

It's not worth the effort if Offer or I have to strugle to find speakers.
Either people come forward and want to talk or we can switch to pub-only
meetings or we can take a break.


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