[Israel.pm] SOAP::Lite and service exploration from WSDL

Uri Bruck bruck at actcom.net.il
Wed Mar 23 14:13:17 PST 2005

David Baird wrote:
>>When you install SOAP::Lite it comes with something called stubmaker.pl
>>It's a very short program and needs only SOAP::Lite
>>stubmaker the url as an argument and generates a module. The method
>>definitions are all placed in a hash called %method.
>>. . .
>>and it appears to include everything.
> While it includes all the method definitions, allowing one to more
> easily call the methods in one's Perl code, it doesn't include the
> data structures.
Nor does it claim to do so. There's a script called wsdl2perl that 
claims to deal with data structures as well. I haven't tried yet myself. 
It can be found here:
and it's also mentioned here:

> In cases where I need SOAP::Lite, the data structures
> cause me the most difficulties, especially where members of the
> structures can be arrays other structures, and in some cases, arrays
> of mixed types.
> The data structures of SOAP can be very complex, and SOAP::Lite fails
> to assist as much as languages like C# and Java, which can access
> those same data structures in easy to construct native objects.
> -David
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