[Israel.pm] Development environments for Perl

Sagiv Barhoom sagivba at 012.net.il
Tue Mar 8 09:13:44 PST 2005

ביום שלישי, 8 במרץ 2005, 12:54, נכתב על ידי Shlomi Fish:
> On Tuesday 01 March 2005 19:18, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> > Hey People,
> >
> > I'd like to call for a couple of presentations regarding Perl
> > development environments.
> >
> > I mean vi, emacs, Eclipse, Komodo and other tools you might use to
> > improve your environment.
> >
> > Personally I use mostly vi and while I have been using it for a couple
> > of years now
> > I have a feeling that I'd be much more productive if I actually knew
> > how to use it.
> > I could imagine even some general "tricks in vi" presentation but if
> > the presentation
> > was "How to use vi for Perl development" it would be nice as well.
> Well, I'm using gvim, but I'm not sure if I qualify as a vim expert. I'm
> using gvim in Windows-emulation mode with a rather large .vimrc files with
> many customizations. I don't mind contribute the techniques I'm using
> regularly to such a lecture, but I'm not sure if I make a full use of
> gvim's capabilities.
I will be happy to hear such a lecture too...

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