[Israel.pm] Development environments for Perl

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 09:18:27 PST 2005

Hey People,

I'd like to call for a couple of presentations regarding Perl
development environments.

I mean vi, emacs, Eclipse, Komodo and other tools you might use to improve your

Personally I use mostly vi and while I have been using it for a couple
of years now
I have a feeling that I'd be much more productive if I actually knew
how to use it.
I could imagine even some general "tricks in vi" presentation but if
the presentation
was "How to use vi for Perl development" it would be nice as well.

I certainly don't want people to start telling why vi is better than
Emacs or have
any editor-war but I think such presentations could help everyone.
Heck, we might
even get ideas from each other. Who knows ?

As a starter let me point you to a nice artile from a friend of us who explains
how to use vi for Test driven Perl development:

Vote me down or prepare your presentations !


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