[Israel.pm] Great JOB Opportunity - Linux Drivers Developer

Itzik Lerner - Orpak itzik at orpak.co.il
Tue Mar 1 04:05:25 PST 2005

Hi monks

My friend asked me to help him find 2 linux programmers
For a nice job (permanent)
In hertzeliya

If someone knows someone pls forward it
And contact with me by mail or at 050-6611763 itzik

If you don't answer to all the conditions below but still think you can do
the job, don't think to match! Call me! 

It is a great opportunity!

--Itzik Lerner

Linux Drivers Developer

Posted at 2005-02-27 

Location: Herzeliya
Job Description:

Development and maintenance of Ethernet Satellite Receivers/Routers. 
Writing Kernel modules for variety of cards. 


* At least 2 years in C & C++ development under Linux. 
* Must have experience and able to work totally independently. 
* With experience in drivers development (writing & debugging). 
* In-depth knowledge of Linux system internals. 
* University degree (BA or Bsc.). 
* Modifying, adjusting and building the kernel. 
* Good knowledge of Linux system administration. 
* Good knowledge of TCP/IP. 
* Experience in Perl and other Linux Scripts writing. 

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