[Israel.pm] Looking for good Perl programmers ?

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 12:38:45 PDT 2005

Just 3 days ago I saw an article saying requirement for Perl is downby 12% sinceJanuary which was in straight contradiction with the figures I saw onhttp://jobs.perl.orgthat shows an increase of 50% in Perl openings.I even posted about it on Perl Monks:http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=469925read the responses !
Seing the recent surge in job posts here on the list (and a couple ofphone calls I received)I started to wonder how all these positions will be filled with goodPerl programmers.
To the best of my knowladge most of the people on this list are happily employedand I relly don't know how else can we find Perl programmers in Israel.
A couple of weeks ago Offer pointed me to this posthttp://use.perl.org/~Ovid/journal/24933about hiring Perl programmers that leads one to all kinds of interesting posts.
But what if you don't find a Perl programmer with enough experience ?Will you take a less experienced Perl programmer or a very experiencedJava/C/C++programmer ? I wrote another post on PM regarding this issue:http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=470584
It might be worth reading the responses.
Anyway I wonder if we can help the situation somehow ?Maybe we can create a page on http://perl.org.il (or onhttp://wiki.perl.org.il )where people (both those on the mailing list and others) can post their resume or just a few words about themself even if they are not currently lookingfor a new job.
We could put up recommendations to each other.
We could enhance our LinkedIn ( http://www.linkedin.com/ ) presence where they already have both CV postingד and recommendations available.
What do you think ?Any ideas ?
גאבור סבופרל מונגר

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