[Israel.pm] Job Openning 2

Itzik Lerner - Orpak itzik at orpak.co.il
Thu Jun 23 01:21:58 PDT 2005

Hi mongers.

I've got a request to post a new perl job opening 
>From Roey Almog , to remind you about him, he gave us a nice Talk in one of
the meetings:  

We met again in MILUIM , I can tell you that I had a very good impression
from the man, and he seems to be a nice person to work with.

And now to his words:
Itzik Hi,

How are you ?

Please had this to perl.org.il mailing list:

We are a small startup company and we need good Perl programmer.

The programmer should be familiar with DBI, CGI, HTML, JavaScript & C/C++. 
If you know how to integrate C++ modules with perl you will have advantage.
same goes if you know to import GNU C/C++ code to Win32.

We primarily use ActivePerl on Win32

A programmer who meets our expectations will get an attractive offer (%)


jobs  at  infoneto.co.il


-- Itzik Lerner

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