[Israel.pm] Book Review titles

Uri Bruck bruck at actcom.net.il
Mon Jun 6 16:03:19 PDT 2005

First, congratulation on the new Wiki. Good Show, Shlomi.
I looked at this page:
and saw the title:
"Book Review - The Art of Unix Programming - by Shlomi Fish"
I find this very misleading. It says to me that Shlomi Fish is the 
author of a book called "The Art of Unix Programming" which is being 
reviewed on that page.

The two most common conventions for book reviews:
1. Give the review its own title, then the reviewer's name is the only 
byline needed, since the reviewer is indeed the author of the review. 
This can be done both when the review focuses on a single book or on a 
group of related book.
2. Leave the title of the book and change the byline to " reviewed by 
Shlomi Fish"

The complete information, as it appears now below the image of the 
cover, should appear in the case.

Having said that, should Shlomi ever author and publish a book called 
"The Art of Unix Programming" I promise to review that book.


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