[Israel.pm] Perl-IL Wiki - Take II

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Mon Jun 6 00:48:32 PDT 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 09:01, Offer Kaye wrote:
> On 6/6/05, David Baird wrote:
> > Whatever Perl may be about, one should not select a web application
> > based primarily on what language it was written in. That is cutting
> > off your nose to spite your face.
> You're exagerating :)
> Choosing a web app (or maling list software or any othe software)
> based on the language being Perl makes a lot of sense *for the Israeli
> Perl Mongers* group. It makes sense for the same reason it makes sense
> for us to hold meetings to talk about Perl (and not other languages),
> or have a mailing list about Perl (and not other languages). We're a
> Perl advocacy group and as such we should, IMHO, prefer Perl based
> solutions. I do :)

I don't think so. We like Perl so we discuss Perl online and offline. If we 
have to write a solution from scratch because no similar solution exist in 
the first place, then we will write it in Perl. (unless there are other 
constraints which will make the job easier in different technologies). 

However, if there's already a good solution that accomplishes what we want 
written in a different language, why shouldn't we use it? If you want to 
re-implement MediaWiki in Perl, be my guest, but I see it as a waste of time 
that otherwise can be spent in writing the next great application in _Perl_.

> > What if the best choice was written
> > in C, C++, or Java?
> The words *best choice* have to be defined here. Using HTML::Template
> was *best* for me because our website is small, static, and H::T is
> easy to setup, learn and use. But of course there are much better and
> more comprehensive CMS solutions out there, usually not in Perl (plone
> comes to mind...). 

There are also some CMSes written in Perl - bricolage, etc. The question is if 
we actually want a dynamic CMS. If we don't then H::T is as good a choice as 


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