[Israel.pm] Perl-IL Wiki - Take II

Offer Kaye offer.kaye at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 23:01:35 PDT 2005

On 6/6/05, David Baird wrote:
> Whatever Perl may be about, one should not select a web application
> based primarily on what language it was written in. That is cutting
> off your nose to spite your face. 

You're exagerating :)
Choosing a web app (or maling list software or any othe software)
based on the language being Perl makes a lot of sense *for the Israeli
Perl Mongers* group. It makes sense for the same reason it makes sense
for us to hold meetings to talk about Perl (and not other languages),
or have a mailing list about Perl (and not other languages). We're a
Perl advocacy group and as such we should, IMHO, prefer Perl based
solutions. I do :)

> What if the best choice was written
> in C, C++, or Java? 

The words *best choice* have to be defined here. Using HTML::Template
was *best* for me because our website is small, static, and H::T is
easy to setup, learn and use. But of course there are much better and
more comprehensive CMS solutions out there, usually not in Perl (plone
comes to mind...). So what? The *best* piece of software (technically
speaking) may be overkill for a specific need. If I had to choose 2
products, one was *best* but in another language and one was *good
enough* and in Perl, I would choose the Perl one. Anyday. Everyday.

> What if we decided not to use Apache products
> because they aren't written in Perl?

By "Apache products" I take it you mean the httpd server? Or did you
have other products in mind?
What if there was a pure Perl server that could handle the relatively
light(?) load on perl.org.il? Wouldn't it make sense to use it, as
long as it was secure, easy to setup and use, and easy to maintain and
extend?  What would you lose?
As for what you would gain -- well, I for one would love it if I could
open up the sources to any app I use and understand them. I can't
really do that with Java or C++ sources, and C gives me headaches :)

Having said all of the above, whatever software you choose has to be
software you're willing to live with. If a Java based wiki rocks your
boat and you are the person in charge of the wiki, *no one* can tell
you to use another software. We're all volunteers here, which means we
pretty much get to do what we like as long as we do a good job :)

Offer Kaye

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