[Israel.pm] Perl-IL Wiki - Take II

David Baird davidlbaird at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 22:01:29 PDT 2005

Mikhael replied:
> > days to integrate it in our standard look and feel for web pages, and
> I think, there is no standard look&feel to set in our case; maybe just
> sync with the css used for the main site.

Interesting that you cut of the main point of the sentence: and
another two days. I was pointing out how easy it is to customize

Shlomi added:
> Right.

Mikhael observed:
> The language argument is arguably the most relevant for a wiki named
> wiki.perl.org.il. The only reason for Israel.PM existing is a language.
> This would be not an argument for a wiki used internally for a company.

Shlomi responded:
> Yes, but Perl is about plurarility. And using a great technology written in
> another language is not an indication of defeat, because you can write good
> frameworks in many other languages besides Perl and some people prefer that.
> Even Planet Perl (http://planet.perl.org/) uses PlanetPlanet which is written
> in Python, and we also use Mailman which is written in Python as well.

Whatever Perl may be about, one should not select a web application
based primarily on what language it was written in. That is cutting
off your nose to spite your face. What if the best choice was written
in C, C++, or Java? What if we decided not to use Apache products
because they aren't written in Perl?

Shlomi concluded:
> Just wanted to ask for your opinion. At the moment, I'm leaning towards
> MediaWiki.

Right. That is all I am offering, and my own personal experience with
setting up a wiki on no budget and no administrative support.


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