[Israel.pm] neural network and perl

Uri Bruck bruck at actcom.net.il
Tue Feb 22 10:31:32 PST 2005

is a site abotu gameai. It's a good resource for many AI techniques, 
including neural networks. I don't think you'll find anything 
patricularly about perl, but you should find enough info that would give 
pointers for your implementation, or at least what to look for.

amit sides wrote:
> Hello.
> I need to write a perl program that parse an image and find out what 
> number is writen in it.
> the image could be gif/jpeg/gpg.
> i asked some people about it and they turn me to the idea of neural network
> which is a way to solve hard problem with unalgorithmic way.
> and could be to teach the computer also understand pictures.
> i also heard there is a research with perl how to find porn with perl.
> there is a module that mess with neural network but i belive that if 
> i'll understand this subject i can do it by myself.
> anyways i didnt find any full HOWTO about this thing...just a littel 
> projects about this subject.
> if anyone know how can i do that...or give me example or guide or link 
> to the research of the "find porn with perl"
> which google didnt help here just let me know.
> thank you.
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