[Israel.pm] Re: YAPC::Israel::2005 first notes

Yehuda Berlinger shadejon at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 02:15:38 PST 2005

> I was trying to ask around among those who were there what do they
> think why would one decide not to come to the conference ?
> We could not come up with any good reason.

I can tell you one reason: the job market has shifted. Two years ago
people still had jobs using Perl. Nowadays, all jobs available are for
C++, C#, Java, and Dot.Net, even some Flash, JavaScript, SQL and PHP,
but not Perl.

Since I'm not working with Perl at my current job, I can't get my
company to agree that taking off a day to go the the Perl conference
is worth its while.


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