[Israel.pm] YAPC::Israel::2005 first notes

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sat Feb 19 10:54:41 PST 2005

I hope others will write down their experience with the
conference we had on Thursday, let me write a few notes
by myself.

There were fewer people than in previous years, even some of
the regular visitors of the monthly meetings were missing.

I was trying to ask around among those who were there what do they
think why would one decide not to come to the conference ?
We could not come up with any good reason.

I understand technical issues such as travelling but I don't understand
those who say they are not interested. I'd be glad to hear some 
explanations from those who skipped the conference.

Anyway, even though there were fewer people than earlier and even
though nearly everyone I talked to said the auction will not
work it actually brought in more money than my highest expectations.

We managed to sell the presents for more than 5000 NIS.

So I would really like to thank both the sponsors who gave
the presents and those who stayed there for the auction. Especially
those who spent their money and helped to give some contribution
to The Perl Foundation.

Before the conference I though I won't do any more YAPCes but
seeing the results of the auction I decided that it is worth the

Thank you


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