[Israel.pm] Job offer: Software Process Engineering and Tools Support

David Baird davidlbaird at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 00:39:32 PST 2005

Role: Software Process Engineering and Tools Support

Summary: Software engineer to work in several development projects to
create a development platform foundation, and continue to support the
groups' development process and tools.

Location: QUALCOMM Israel, Ltd. in Haifa, near the to Matam junction.

Desired Skills:

* Working experience with implementing version control in a software
development project with knowlege about many developers sharing the
same code base, integrating changes, maintaining versioned code lines
and releases. Knowledge of branching and merging techniques is a plus.

* Planning build systems, writing build scripts with a make file
language, and overall understanding of how a C/C++ compiler and linker
work. A bonus is extensive knowledge of a compiler's options, linker
scripts, memory issues, and strategies for managing various

* General knowledge of popular scripting languages like Perl, PHP,
Python, shell scripts, and their applications in project development

* 3+ years experience working in software development.

Please Contact:
David Baird
QUALCOMM Israel, Ltd.
dbaird at qualcomm.com

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