[Israel.pm] GUI In Perl

Roman M. Parparov romm at empire.tau.ac.il
Tue Feb 8 04:45:42 PST 2005

There are three decent options to build a Perl GUI application:

PerlTk - the most reliable, best documented, well-supported but
somehow limited. It now has ZooZ, a rudimentary visual environment.

PerlGtk - seems to be the richest, but I didn't like its documentation.
Maybe they've improved since I used it, but then the Tk documentation
was just MUCH better. I don't know if a visual environment for PerlGtk

PerlQt - has a very good visual environment. The Qt toolkit is very
rich and neat. The problem is the way the Perl interface is implemented,
like people noted correctly in a discussion, you feel like writing
C++ in Perl. The documentation on Qt itself is fantastic, the documentation
about the relationship between Qt and the perl interface much less so.
The visual environment is of the Qt package itself, with a Perl plugin.

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