[Israel.pm] Accomodation needed for OSDC

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 11:52:18 PST 2005

There are a number of guest coming to OSDC from abroad.
In order to reduce their expenses I offered them help to find local
Perl Mongers who could host them while they are staying in
Israel. That would save them the a couple of hundreds of USD
in hotel expenses.

So now it is time to start collecting names and places.

If you can offer a place for someone starting from
24/25th February 2006 till 1/2 March 2006 please let send me the following

Location: (at least city, neighbourhood)
   How ware you planning to come to the confernce?
   Will you be able to provide transportation to the conference?
   How long is it from your place to the conference location in Netanya?


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