[Israel.pm] Switching a Talk's Subject [was Re: OSDC: last call for talks and help needed in various areas]

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Tue Dec 20 05:34:53 PST 2005

Hi all!

I'd like to announce that instead of this talk:



Lightning talk about the following Perl Quiz-of-the-Week:


It will discuss the various solutions that were proposed, and make some 

Length: 10-15 minutes.

I'd like to give a talk about Test::Run:

http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi Fish/journal/27467
http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi Fish/journal/27887

This is because some of the solutions proposed to the quiz of the week in the 
original talk are quite complex and will take some time to understand and 
explain. Plus, I already have one talk about a QOTW coverage.

I believe hearing about Test::Run would be more instructive, and also give me 
a chance to introduce this module to a wide audience.

I want to ask the organisers of the conference to acknowledge and commit this 


	Shlomi Fish

On Monday 19 December 2005 22:05, Gábor Szabó wrote:
> This is the last call for talk submission to OSDC.
> The dead-line is on 21st December, 2 days from now.
> I would like to finalize the list so visitors will be able to decide if it
> is worth to come to the conference.
> http://www.osdc.org.il/
> Help needed:
> I would be glad if someone helped me in the art work for the web site
> 1) logo for OSDC::Israel
> 2) favicon.ico  based on the logo
> 3) design for better looking web site
> Everyone who has a web site, it would be nice if you could put up a link
> refering to the conference and recommending people to register.
> Keywords: I have started a Google advertisement campaign for the conference


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