[Israel.pm] DB_File + signals + modules

Yosef Meller mellerf at netvision.net.il
Tue Aug 30 02:34:08 PDT 2005

Itamar Elem wrote:
> hi
> I  have application which  have main + most of the code reside in module   
> and use MLDBM(DB_File,DATA::Dumper)   to store/retrieve its data
> I want to recover from the situation that someone  do CLRL+C  or something like that
> because its left the DB_File  in  undefined state(the index and data is out of sync)
> I never used signal before sow I need some info about it
> 1. where  to initiate the %SIG vector main/module or both?

You can do that anywhere, but if you only need it for a specific time, 
you can localize it to a certain block:

if ($db_could_bork) {
	local %SIG;
	$SIG{INT} = sub { warn 'i\'m busy, come back later' };


See also perldoc perlvar (the part about %SIG) and perldoc perlipc.

> 2. what are necessary actions in the signal handler sub routines except to save the db to disk
> 3. if I connect to db   via  "$db=tie %h,"MLDBM",....";
> is the following are equivalent:
>    a. $db->sync
>    b.  untie %h
>         undef $db
> thanks itamar
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