[Israel.pm] parsing columns

Gábor Szabó szabgab at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 07:32:47 PDT 2005

As a person looking at this file, how do you know that in row 2
you have column 1 and 4 filled while in row 3 you have 
column a and 2 ?

As a human, how can you tell the difference between those two rows?


On 8/13/05, Offer Kaye <offer.kaye at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a text file with columns, where the columns may not be aligned,
> and not all lines may have data in all columns:
> header1     header2     header3    header4
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> l1dat1        l1dat2        l1dat3      l1dat4
> l2dat1                                        l2dat4
> l3veryveryveryverylongdat1 l3dat2
> As you can see, line1 has all data, line2 is missing clomuns 2 and 3,
> line 3 is a mess :)

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