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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
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See the below message for an announcement about Hamakor IRC Assembly on 14 
April. Now, we planned to have an Israel.PM meeting at that time, which will 
clash with that. Maybe we should postpone the meeting. Alternatively we can 
hold our own IRC meeting simultaneously at an IRC channel.


	Shlomi Fish

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Subject: IRC General assembly
Date: Thursday 07 April 2005 20:23
From: Alon Altman <alon at 8ln.org>
To: Ha'makor Discussions list <discussions at hamakor.org.il>
Cc: assembly at hamakor.org.il

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Date sent: 7/Apr/2005

Executive summary:
  - An IRC meeting will be held on Thursday 14/4 to discuss amendments to the
    bylaws and this year's activities.
  - A general assembly of Hamamor will be held on May 8th, with no
 discussions. - If you wish to take part in the discussions, please read this
 entire message.
  - If you wish to run for a formal position in the Amuta, please notify the
    board before 14/4, and please read this entire message.


   I herby repeat the announcement of Hamakor's next General Assembly, which
will be at May 8th at TAU (full instructions will be given closer to the
date). The public is invited, although only full members of Hamakor would be
able to vote.

The proposed agenda is:
  0. Accepting new members by the board. This will be done before the actual
     assembly is opened.
  1. Status report on Hamakor's activities since February 2004.
  2. Introduction of the Financial report for 2004 by the board.
  3. Introduction of the Comptroller's report and recommendations for 2004.
  4. VOTE on the 2004 financial report.
  5. Summary of Discussion of bylaws ammendments:
     - Automatic Membership Expiry
     - More lenient member acceptance rules (?)
     - Allowing prizes (for Hamakor Prize).
     - Bug Bounties
  6. VOTE on bylaws ammendments.
  7. If Hamakor Prize ammendment accepted, present bylaws for Hamakor Prize.
  8. Vote for Hamakor Prize bylaws.
  9. Introduction of proposed members for the board and comptrollers.
10. VOTE on new board.
11. VOTE on new comptrollers.
12. Any other issues suggested by Hamakor members.

   Due to the tight schedule, discussions will not be held during the actual

   If you wish to run for a formal position in Hamakor (Board or Comptroller)
and/or talk at the physical assebmly, please e-mail the board (board AT
hamakor.org.il) until 14/4, and attend the IRC meeting. Furhtermore, If you
cannot attend the IRC meeting or the physical assembly, please notify the
board at once.

   All discussions will be conducted beforehand on the assembly mailing list
and on an IRC meeting:

TIME&DATE: Next Thursday (14/4/2005) at 19:00
SERVER:    irc.inter.net.il
CHANNEL:   #hamakor

   In case of overload of users, the channel will become moderated and only
members (and possibly friends) of Hamakor will get a chance to speak. The
IRC discussion will follow the agenda of the physical assembly, but
discussions will be held instead of votes.

   Please present all your arguments in these pre-meeting discussions, as you
will not have a chance to speak during the physical assembly (unless running
for board or comptrollers). Moreover, no changes can be preformed to the
proposals to ammend the byalws during the meeting itself, so these
discussions matter MORE than the actual meeting.

   If you wish to participate in the discussions, please read the following

* Suggestions for bylaws ammendements (with context):
    HTML: http://hamakor.org.il/docs/amend.html
    OO.o: http://hamakor.org.il/docs/amend.sxw
    PDF:  http://hamakor.org.il/docs/amend.pdf

* Full bylaws including ammendments:
    HTML: http://hamakor.org.il/docs/bylaws+amend.html
    OO.o: http://hamakor.org.il/docs/bylaws+amend.sxw
    PDF:  http://hamakor.org.il/docs/bylaws+amend.pdf

* Suggestion for Hamakor prize bylaws:
    PDF:  http://hamakor.org.il/docs/prize_takanon.pdf


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