[Israel.pm] GUI in perl

Felix Liberman felix.liberman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 00:57:36 PDT 2005

 Hi All,
 Sorry for promoting myself, but the same builders were also written
in pure Perl/Tk itself (and produce instantly Perl/Tk code).
 You can download them from my site or from perltk.org/ex:
 1. vptk.pl - Visual Perl/Tk (canvas edition) allow to draw your
design like in any vector-oriented editor and generate ready-to-run
Perl/Tk code
 2. vptk_w.pl - Visual Perl/Tk (widget edition) allow to design
interactively GUI windows (almost) without coding. This tool is very
helpful for Perl/Tk beginners since it display instant description for
each widget option.
      Felix Liberman

> Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 23:11:02 +0200
> From: Eli Billauer <eli at billauer.co.il>
> Subject: Re: [Israel.pm] GUI in perl
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> You may want to look at http://glade.gnome.org/ . The main advantage is
> that you can design your GUI graphically, and you can then program in
> the language of choice.
> It's based upon GTk, so you will minimize the headache to those parts in
> which you really need to program graphics, while the standard parts can
> be created quickly.
> Good luck,
>    Eli
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