[Israel.pm] Looking for Article Reviewers + New Version of the Perl 6 Critique

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Fri Sep 24 09:55:56 PDT 2004

Hi all!

In case you don't read Whatsup:


(just stay away from the comments - some of them are extremely trollish).

And here's the translation to English:

I'm looking for people to review articles that I write. I have a distribution 
list maintained on my computer. (may become a closed mailing list in the 
future). People who register there (by sending me an E-mail) will get posts 
by me with links to drafts of articles. They can read them on their spare 
time and comment. I just don't want to send E-mails to people who did not 
express such interest in advance.

Not all of the articles are Perl-related but most of them have something to do 
with computing, and the others are related to philosophy and science in 
general and can interest anyone. I expect most of the articles to be in 

I don't expect the volume to be very large. (at most it would be a few dozen 
articles per week, and even that would happen very rarely).

Now for the second issue:

I have written a newer, and much improved, draft of the Perl 6 Critique which 
I originaly reported here[1]. Based on commentary I received from Migo and 
from chromatic (an O'ReillyNet editor), I revised it and producced an even 
more improved draft. If you are interested in reading it, drop me a mail 
(over-ride the Reply-To field) and I'll send the URL to you.

Thanks in advance,

	Shlomi Fish

[1] - http://perl.org.il/pipermail/perl/2004-February/004280.html


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