[Israel.pm] returning XML from CGI

Uri Bruck bruck at actcom.net.il
Tue Sep 21 09:19:32 PDT 2004

Yuval Yaari wrote:
> Shlomo Yona said:
>>On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Yuval Yaari wrote:
>>>This might be a stupid question, but does $xml_document store valid
>>>XML (i.e:  the browser should show it correctly)?
>>The XML need not be valid only well formed in order to be
>>properly displayed, as far as I know.
>>And yes, it is well formed.
> I'm trying to remember if "need not be valid" is proper Queen's English... :)
It is. It even raises the register a little.

> But I trust a linguaphile such as yourself.


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