[Israel.pm] setenv in perl

Eitan Schichmanter ESchichmanter at cloverleafcomm.com
Thu Sep 2 06:22:25 PDT 2004

$ENV{YOUR_VAR} = 'val' # write a value to an env var
my $var = $ENV{YOUR_VAL} # reading an env var


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I'm working on unix platform.
I have a device that uses a proriety programing language (very limited). 
I can run a perl script from within the code,
but the only 2 ways to get back a result, is by reading a file, or 
reading environment variables.
I don't want to use files for transfering a single result.
how can I use perl to do setenv ? 'system' seems to use sh, no setenv there.
Even if I could do setenv, will it still be defined in the parent process ?

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