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you mention "Mastering Regular Expression" and various tools.  I know there
are few variants of regex that are not full compatible.
Do you intend to discuss (in details) specific differents between vi's
regexp and Perl's , just for example ?


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Hi all,

I am back in Israel and glad to let you know about a new course I am
offering starting from now.

I am going to teach Regular Expression in general and how to use them
within  particular tools and languages. The course is aimed at people with
experience in some high-level language such as Java, the .NET languages
(C#, C++, VB.NET), Python, Ruby, Javascript, Tcl, PHP and of course Perl
and with little or no experience in regular expressions.

During the class we'll learn the general syntax of regular expressions and
an approach how to build regexes that will do what you want. Later
on we'll practice it in various tools (e.g. grep, vi, Visual Studio)
and in various languages (e.g. Java, the .NET languages and Perl).

The course is 2 days long, about 40% of which is dedicated to
hands-on exercises. Full description can be found here:


The first scheduled class will be on 11-12 October 2004.

I'd appreciate your feedback, what do you think
about this material, what would you add or remove.

In addition if you know people whom might be interested in this course,
please let them know about it by forwarding this mail to them.


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