[Israel.pm] Suggestion for lectures

Shlomo Yona shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il
Wed Oct 27 23:54:43 PDT 2004

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Ran Eilam wrote:

> Personally I am more interested in the software engineering (vs. the
> CompSci) side of things, but because it  is our gamal Shlomo we are talking
> about, I am sure it will not be boring.

Wait... I'm starting to aggregate nick names
around here. Let's see where I'm at so far:

* DJ Pumps
* Gamal Shlomo

Cool... Keep 'em comming.

> I would be interested in things that would be practical for my Perl job.
> Areas where I suspect Shlomo is an expert:
> * What is there on CPAN for various kinds of graphs?

A survey is nice and practical but rather boring usually,
unless you hear about the stuff you need, right?
I think that a survey of modules is apropriate as long as it
is not the sole or main item of the lecture. (please correct
me if I'm wrong).

> * What can we do to reduce memory usage of our huge data structures?

Ah! This is something worth spending time on.

> * how does Perl implement our good friends the array/list/hash? How does it
> give us such flexibility in using then? Are there hidden performance traps?

Cool. Yes, issues related to the Perl backend are

Yes. I'll talk about this aspect for sure.

> * As always, the history of the ideas is fascinating

OK. Yes. I've learned that the stories behind the gory
details usually brings to life even the sleepiest people in
the audience :-)


Shlomo Yona
shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il

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