[Israel.pm] Knowing what variables were modified in a -d: debugger?

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sun Oct 24 09:06:05 PDT 2004


I'm writing a -d: debugger, and it's very important for me to know what 
variables changed in every line (I want to keep their content [in 
Data::Dumper format] only when they change, otherwise it's a waste of 
HDD space, and will cause other [internal, of the system I use] problems 
later on...).

Is there a good way to know what variables changed in each line?
Unlike "watch" in the Perl debugger, I also need to "know" if 
arrays/hashes/references were modified.
And I don't want to run regular expressions over the lines to match a 
"variable" ;)
I hope there's some B::* module for that.

An answer such as "it cannot be done" is also alright, in case you are 
100% positive of it.


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