[Israel.pm] Hebrew to UTF-8, completely out of ideas!

david istermann interDist at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 03:03:44 PDT 2004


2Moshe: I know about this possibility ('>:utf8'), but I'm outputting
the stuff via XML::Simple::XMLout.

> XML::Simple is Evil if you ask me.
Why do you say this? It's really really simple but in this case it
meets my needs (no usage of attributes, the structure is straight

Anyway, it looks like my question was not understood. What I need is
to convert the string ($filepath) to UTF-8 *before* I insert it to the
hash. If I take already-Unicoded strings they're getting written OK to
the XML - I guess because XML::Simple uses by default the ':utf8'
output method.

$sessions{$user}{OpenShares}[0]{entry}{wide $filepath} = 0;  #
inserted as keys to avoid duplicates
# if you ask, after getting all open files into $sessions i do this:
$sessions{$user}{OpenShares}[0]{entry} = [keys

What code should go into "sub wide { ... }" ?


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