[Israel.pm] CPAN Testers

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sat Oct 23 08:16:53 PDT 2004

Gabor Szabo wrote:

>As you know I am trying to show people around here
>that using CPANPLUS (or even CPAN::Nargile) to send test
>reports helps.
>As an example see this short thread:
>So start using CPANPLUS and start reporting test results.
>It is fun to help other people.
I think CPANPLUS, by default, won't report failures.
And I think it's quicker to install Maypole than CPANPLUS :)

Now, what really bothers me in CPAN is the fact that if I 
(chas-ve-chalila) have Perl 5.6.1, I can only use a very minimalistic 
set of modules.
Obviously, new modules are using functionality that was introduced in 
later Perl versions.
But why can't the CPAN shell tell me "hey Yuval, you can't install 
This::Module v1.23 on your old system, but perhaps you'd want to install 
This::Module v1.00? [Y/n]".

Ok, this is never going to happen... :)
But I believe that I'm not the only one stuck with production machines 
with Perl 5.005_03 or 5.6.1, and can't install modules.


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