[Israel.pm] Hebrew to UTF-8, completely out of ideas!

david istermann interDist at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 12:56:42 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm facing a problem which you may have encountered before and know
how to solve quickly the issue.

On Windows 2000 machine:
I'm getting input by `net file` which describes what shares are open
right now. Next, i'm building an XML from this data (combined with
other info from the system) and output it to c:\servstate.xml , which
should be in Unicode. XML processing is done via XML::Simple.
The problem arises when there are any files named in Hebrew.
Apparently, the shell outputs these names as WINDOWS-1255 and so they
appear as funny symbols in the final XML.

Neither the technique described by Shlomo Yona, nor playing with any
possible combination of 'encode' and 'decode' helped. I either get
????, or meaningless symbols, or empty squares...

After reading tons of perl documentation, I have no useful ideas at
all. What should I do?!

Thanks in advance,

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