[Israel.pm] gettin module directory in script

Itamar Elem elem at compugen.co.il
Tue Oct 19 00:28:30 PDT 2004

i work in acomplicated environment when the module
can apear in more than 1 place.
im not spose to do "use lib" there because the environment
should keep all the PERL5LIB info before the script start.

what i want is from the script
to find what is the module path
is there easy way to do it except  
than iterating @INC array and find the module location that way


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On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, Itamar Elem wrote:

> if i have something like
> use some_module;
> how can i get in the script
> the module location(path)

use lib "the/path";
use Some::Module;


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