[Israel.pm] whatsup forum

amit sides DiAblo_2 at 012.net.il
Mon Oct 18 11:17:10 PDT 2004

Shlomo Yona wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Oct 2004, amit sides wrote:
>> what i wanted to say is just to open fourm on www.perl.org.il instead 
>> of tapuz
>> and it can be great idea to drop this mailing list...
> As there is no forum mechanisms on perl.org.il, I don't
> understand how these two suggestions are comparable.
>>> Sure, go ahead and start writing a forum.
>>> I suggest that until your forum is ready and operational, we
>>> use Tapuz.
>> i didnt meant to write a HUGH fourm like phpBB or something like 
>> this...just simple thing
>> just to write and unswer msgs on it.
>> it was just a seggastion...
> So tell me, how will the content be indexed for later
> search?
> I can ask more technical questions...
> You see, this isn't a trivial task if it is done properly,
> so it is a big deal to do it, and as I doubt that anyone on
> the mailing list will volunteer to develop, deploy, maintain
> and support such an application on perl.org.il, I suggested
> Tapuz. You see, usually, people find it easy to suggest but
> find it harder to deliver... Talk is cheap, what about some
> action?
>>> You can relax. I don't really believe that you will write a
>>> forum (alone or with other mongers)... I think that you just
>>> prefer to complain :-)
>> you dont even know me or what i can or cannot do.
> Of course, I don't. No disrespect was ment.
> I do however make an educated guess that you will not
> develop or install and maintain a forum on perl.org.il. I
> cannot be sure, but I'm pretty sure.
of course it will be easier to ask tapuz for a fourm there....
anyways...i can try to write a fourm if  it is needed.
but tapuz fourm can be great too.
so stop talking and ask them if you its so importent to you :)
come with answers.

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