Fwd: Perl.org.il Errata [was Re: [Israel.pm] New Perl projects added to perl.org.il]

Offer Kaye offer.kaye at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 05:39:43 PDT 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 11:38:10 +0200, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Hi Offer!
> Here's my Errata for the perl.org.il site:
> 1. There isn't a good link to the Wiki from the front pages. (I was completely
> unable to find it.)

See answer to item (5), below.

> 2. The links are coloured in a colour that is easy to miss, and could be
> considered a visited link. What's worse, there isn't a distinction between
> visited links and new links.

Changed to use default colors (blue for unvisited, etc.).

> 3. Typing a non-existent URL:
> http://www.perl.org.il/asdaskdj102934u09t
> leads one to the homepage. It should display a 404 or something like that.

Known issue - is being worked on.

> What's worse
> http://perl.org.il/kwiki/index.cgi?IsraeliProjects
> leads to:
> http://www.perl.org.il/?IsraeliProjects

Hopefully will also be fixed when the first issue is.

> 4. The left pane of the site should contain the navigation menu that should
> expand upon entry to a sub-category.

As I don't yet have the knowledge to do something like that, you are
welcome to submit a patch to implement this.

> The Misc. Content page does not really
> belong in one page, and should be splitted into several pages.

Several people pointed this out to me privately, kudos to Mikhael who
was the first :-)
I'll fix this sometime in the near future.

> The Next Israel.PM and Next Jerusalem.PM meetings should be in a box to the
> right.


> 5. The Kwiki seems to have gone - please restore it.

The short answer to this question and question (1) is:

The long answer is:
The Wiki was being flooded by spammers, to the point where is was
getting to be a real waste of time cleaning up the pages.
A large Wiki such as Wikipedia has hundereds of people who cleanup
such crap when it appears, and presumably also has pretty good filters
to begin with.
Our wiki only had Gabor and me, and Gabor didn't have time to work on
good filtering.
Therefore the Wiki was removed, and will probably stay that way. We'll
port material (meeting reports, book review) to the new site, but I
don't think the Wiki will return. If enough people want it back, and
are willing to babysitter it against spammers, you may be able to
convince Gabor to bring the Wiki back, but for now I fully support
him- the Wiki was just too much trouble to maintain for 2 people.

Offer Kaye

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